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Andreas Dam, CEO & Founder
Be empowered to be
your own doctor.

Andreas Dam

Founder & CEO

Software engineer. 17 years of experience in healthcare.

Enabling digital and social technologies to empower patients and improve the healthcare system is Andreas' true calling and passion. He has a deep commitment to revolutionizing healthcare services for the benefit of the individual patient, while reducing the overall costs of the healthcare sector at the same time. Thereby, his expertise in digital technologies and familiarity with the healthcare sector helps him in establishing unique partnerships.

Jens Stensgaard Jakobsen, Senior Project Manager
We need to put empathy into the code!

Jens Stensgaard Jakobsen

COO & Product manager

Anthropologist. Specialized in innovation management.

Jens aims for great digital interventions in the lives of people living a disease by understanding their habits and environments, joys and pains. At every stage of the innovation processes, it is important to acknowledge that they are the experts in coping with their own situation. Every day of the week, Jens strives to move the whole field of healthcare to a place where patients are empowered, and the healthcare system is both holistic and sustainable.

Nicklas Møller Jensen, CTO
If you can think it,
you can build it.

Nicklas Møller Jensen

Chief Technology Officer

Software developer. 10 years of experience building cloud solutions.

Building the most scalable and robust technical platforms to ease the life of people living with a disease is what Nicklas lives and breathes for. His experience in building software products combined with his fascination for technologies helps him to build user-friendly solutions. Nicklas believes that bringing people together in communities and letting patients gain knowledge about themselves will improve their lives significantly.