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No one understands what it's like to live with a chronic disease better than the patient.
That is why all our digital services are developed together with patients and their caregivers.
The results are customized digital solutions that empower people to gain greater control of their condition.
In other words, our products are powered by patients.

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Empowering people with rheumatoid arthritis

We want people with rheumatoid disease to be able to gain greater control of their disease. For that reason, we invited rheumatologists and patient organizations to join us and co-create a unique tool.
The result: RheumaBuddy.

The digital solution is a personal diary and a community platform. Users can rate their symptoms on a day-to-day basis, and RheumaBuddy summarizes the separate entries and provides a comprehensive overview. In the community embedded in the service, people can offer help and receive advice.

The EULAR award-winning app is available in over 30 countries in Europe, and we are proud to call RheumaBuddy the European market leader.

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An entire cancer community in your pocket

A group of researchers and young people with cancer based in Rigshospitalet, one of the leading and highly-specialized hospitals in Denmark, called for our help: how can we utilize digital technologies to help both young people with cancer and healthcare professionals?

Our solution, which was created during an exciting co-development process with oncologists, young people with cancer and the hospital, is a digital service we call Kræftværket. The tracking tool enables users to receive advice and help in videos and engage in ongoing discussions also from afar.
The generated data are used in a combined research and development project that aims to collect data-driven evidence to improve cancer treatments.

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Gamifying your psoriasis tracking

Yes, keeping track of your chronic illness can be fun. Meet PsoMentor, a digital motivational coach for people living with psoriasis. We asked a Danish patient association, leading dermatologists, nurses, and multiple pharma companies for their involvement. Together we co-created a personal diary, a tracking tool, and a fun game all put into one amazing service.

PsoMentor is a gamified solution that lets users choose between different disease courses, in which they can earn awards and trophies along the way.

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Sundhedsstyrelsen Patient Decision Aids

Patient Decision Aids

A helping hand during your cancer treatment

As part of the national cancer strategy, the Danish Health Authority is focusing on Shared Decision Making between cancer patients and healthcare professionals. Daman was chosen to transform the idea into a digital solution. Together we co-created Patient Decision Aids (PDAs).

The PDAs are designed for dilemmas patients are facing within breast, lung and colorectal cancer. The development is based on internationally validated frameworks combined with treatment specifications and knowledge from the different dilemma scenarios. The digital tool supports both patients and physicians in making the right treatment choice in a joint effort.


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Danish Health Authority
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NET Quiz

educating healthcare professionals

During busy times at the hospital, it can be challenging for nurses and physicians to keep up-to-speed within their area of expertise. That is why we have created a digital and gamified solution called NET Quiz.

We invited nurses, doctors and a pharmaceutical company to the co-creation table in order to make a tool that can raise the educational level for healthcare professionals.

The healthcare service teaches various subjects within the field of neuroendocrine tumors (NET) through a motivational, interactive quiz. NET Quiz is currently available in Norway, Finland and Sweden and soon Denmark, with localized content that is adapted to the healthcare guidelines of the individual countries.


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guiding YOU through YOUR fertility treatment

Many people who want to pursue a fertility treatment find themselves in a labyrinth of options and possibilities. In order to help both the people who are interested in fertility treatments, and to also strengthen the customers collaboration with fertility clinics, Merck offers an online platform called The Danish website holds a collection of short video brochures that provide insights to different fertilization processes and options. The platform also explains the many factors that can have an impact on the treatment. Thereby, Daman conducted interviews and workshops with people that have experience with fertility treatments in order to gather relevant knowledge, and to close the gap between complex clinical information and knowledge based on personal experiences in a comprehensive way.

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