HealthBuddy is the core of all our digital health services. It is an enabler for personalized health solutions based on microservice architecture, machine learning, big data analysis and regulatory compliance.

The platform enables patient empowerment, a closer collaboration between patients and healthcare professionals, improved treatment adherence, stronger coping capabilities, smarter utilization of healthcare resources, and most importantly:
better outcomes for the patient.

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We want people with chronic diseases to be just as happy as if they didn’t have an illness. HealthBuddy helps and guides them through this journey using intelligent technology.
— Andreas Dam, Founder & CEO

Value-based healthcare

Patient-centered solutions

While current medical technologies focus mainly on physical and biochemical conditions, HealthBuddy complements the data with a holistic view of the patient.

The dataset that HealthBuddy generates is called Patient Reported Outcome Measurements (PROMs). PROMs give the ability to measure the patient's quality of life through the subjective assessment of symptoms.

These descriptions are key for value-based healthcare and future treatment efforts.


Data you can trust

Long-term longitudinal data sets

The data generated by HealthBuddy is collected on an ongoing basis throughout an extended period of time.

It provides far more holistic and less biased insights than, for example, momentary symptom descriptions collected at a consultation or through interviews, focus groups or surveys. Thereby, HealthBuddy is not only a valuable tool for healthcare professionals, but also for multiple stakeholders who want a stronger and data-driven approach to insights and decision-making.

The platform is highly flexible and scalable, enabling tailored health services and integration of a wide range of systems.

HealthBuddy is compliant with regulations such as GDPR and certified as a medical device (CE Class 1/IEC 62304/82304).


Sit back and relax

Software as a Service

HealthBuddy is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) running in the cloud. That means that you as the costumer don't have to worry about the basics such as ongoing maintenance, infrastructure, performance, availability and security.


Powered by HealthBuddy


HealthBuddy Insights

The data that HealthBuddy generates can be used in smart ways: either to improve existing HealthBuddy services,
or by other stakeholders to utilize data on an anonymized, de-personalized basis.

HealthBuddy insights can be accessed in comprehensive reports or through real-time dashboards that include custom views and graphs based on real-life data. 


Take a glimpse…

  • Understand the course of the disease based on real world evidence
  • Follow responses to new treatment paradigms in real-time
  • Evaluate treatment benefits and side effects
  • Provide data-driven patient segmentation and treatment journeys
  • Measure the perceived quality of treatment
  • Identify un-met needs, barriers and potentials for healthcare cost reduction
  • Calculate the total societal patient benefit and cost of treatment

and much more.



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