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Daman Co-Creation

The biggest challenge in creating game-changing tools in healthcare is to design solutions that meet actual daily-life requirements of patients and healthcare professionals. At the end of the day, we believe that the people using the services have to play the lead role in developing the best solution.

That is why we co-create: we invite patients and healthcare professionals to be included in the development and join us on the product discovery journey - from day one.

The entire process was driven by working closely with the hospital staff –
so we really can say: created by nurses, for nurses.
— Tor-Sverre Johanneson, Brand Manager, Novartis

The Kræftværket app has been co-created in close collaboration with Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen and a community of young people with cancer.

Be part of the process

In most of our projects we establish a co-creation group and a steering committee, which provide guidance in all steps of the journey. Further, to make sure that we build a truly patient-centered product, we conduct co-creation workshops, in-depth interviews, think-aloud sessions, design sprints, and continuously exchange ideas and feedback with everyone involved.


Advantages include...

  • User interfaces that meet every-day needs
  • Features tailored to illness-specific symptoms
  • The opportunity for synergies to ignite between patients, healthcare professionals, and others
  • Relevant data for research and improved treatment efforts
  • Solutions that meet regulatory requirements
  • Ambassadors, who facilitate implementation efforts
  • You name it!


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